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Government Medical College & Hospital, Akola

शासकीय वैद्यकीय महाविद्यालय व रुग्णालय, अकोला

Pre-Clinical Departments

Department of Pathology


Dr. Dilip Sarate

Prof & HOD

Various Sections Of The Department

Histopathology : the section is equipped with automated tissue processor, automated microtome, cryostat, Immunofluorescence microscope, Fully automated embedding system.

Haematology : the section is equipped with automatic cell counters, HPLC heamoglobin testing system, Agar gel and cellulose acetate Hb electrophoresis, Fully automatic coagulation apparatus.

Cytology : Cytocentrifuge. Central Clinical Laboratory

Blood Bank And Component Separation Unit : Components provided are whole blood, PCV, Platelet and FFP.

Teaching Sections: Pentahead Microscope, LCD Projector, Vivinet, Audio facility, Over Head Projector, Close circuit television.

  • To provide comprehensive knowledge of the cause and mechanism of diseases to the under-graduate and post-graduate students for gaining complete understanding of the natural and clinical manifestations of the disease.
  • To make the students understand the rational and principles of technical procedures of diagnostic laboratory tests.
  • To interprete the laboratory tests and correlate with clinical and morphological features of the disease.
  • To learn simple bed-side test on biological fluid samples and recognize morbid anatomical and histopathological changes for the diagnosis
  • To train the students in such a way so that they shall be able to integrate the cause and mechanisms of the diseases prevalent in India with their natural history for understanding their clinical course and management.
  • Similarly the mission is to carry out high class scientific research
  • To provide high standard evidence based teaching to the students of MBBS, BPMT and PGDMLT
  • To provide effective indoor and outdoor patient services
  • To provide core laboratory support in national programmes e.g. sickle cell disease
  • To provide highest quality education, training and research experience to the students and to the society through lectures, talks on AIR, seminars, workshops, CME's and blood donation camps.
  • It also aims to produce competent specialists who recognizes the health needs of the community and perform duties ethically keeping the objectives of the national health policy a priority.
  • To train the student so that he shall be aware of contemporary advances and development and oriented to the principles of research methodology.
  1. To gain recognition as excellent teaching department for MBBS, BPMT and PGDMLT students
  2. To provide best clinical service, research and education
  3. To cultivate best trainies and faculties
  4. To gain excellence in diagnostic and laboratory evaluation
Functions & objectives.
  • Provide laboratory services to IPD & OPD patients.
  • Teaching for undergraduate & PG students.
  • To provide Training for PGDMLT & BPMT courses.
  • To develop best research environment & excellent students by providing evidence based teaching facilities.
  • Provide health education about sickle cell disease, blood donation by holding camps, through lectures in various teaching & non teaching institutes and on All India Radio. Celebration of important days regarding blood donation by holding ralies, street plays, competitions like rangoli, drawing, essay competition in various colleges.

Organisation / Faculty ( Teaching )

Sr.No. Name Post / Designation
1 Dr. Suvarna Patil Asso. Professor
2 Dr. Ajay Jungare Asso. Professor
3 Dr. Manjiri Khade Asst. Professor
4 Dr. Shriram Chopade Asst. Professor
5 Dr. Rajesh Kate Asst. Professor
6 Dr. Anup Gosavi Asst. Professor
7 Dr. Ashish Shinde Asst. Professor

Organisation / Faculty ( Non-Teaching )

Sr.No. Post / Designation Name


Research Papers published by department of Pathology
Sr.No. Title of Article Month and year of publication Journal National or International Authors
1 Emerging challenge of Mucormycosis in post covid patients Vol 2, issue 3, May2021, pages7 IAR medical case report National Dr. Suwarna Patil , Dr. Dilip Sarate, Dr. Shriram Chopade, Dr. Manjiri Khade


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