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Pre-Clinical Departments

Department of Radiology


Dr. Meenakshi Gajbhiye

Prof. and HOD


Department of Radiology was incorporated in Government Medical College in 2002 as one of the clinical specialty with the aim of providing quality education to medical students during their clinical posting The Department also play important role in Patient care by guiding the clinicians in the diagnosis of ailments. Facilities of X-Ray, Ultrasonography, CT scan and other Imaging techniques like Barium Studies, Mammography routinely provided on OPD basis as well as emergency services by this Department. Our Mission, Vision, and Values are what make ourl Radiology Consultants a leader among medical professionals and healthcare facilities.


To Promote the study, practice of diagnostic radiological and imaging modalities including the X-Ray ,Ultrasonography, Ct scan advanced techniques like MRI,PET scan and other imaging modalities Radio biology, Radiation Medicine, molecular imaging and Interventional radiology and other related sub specialties and superspeciality.

To Develop and implement strategic systems which strengthen the infrastructure of healthcare facilities and improve the quality of patient care.

As a teaching institute we are committed to train the Undergraduate students and resident doctors so that they become competent, skillful, ethical and knowledgeable and on whom the clinicians can rely in diagnosis of ailments.


The broad vision of the department is the teaching and training of the students and residents in radio diagnosis is to make them understand and impart the knowledge regarding the role of various imaging modalities helpful in the management of different clinical conditions. At the end of the training the student should be capable to take up career in teaching institute or in diagnostic center or in research. Realization of Basic Need of various Radio-diagnostic tools Radio diagnostic techniques to be adopted in different clinical situations in diagnosis of ailments.

To provide solutions for healthcare facilities in Radiology. Our solutions are designed to provide value to our Patients while also placing strong emphasis on patient advocacy and care; a "New Method of Practice"

Functions & objectives.

The Department Provides Basics Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging Facilities like X-Ray, USG, CT scan, Mammography, Barium Studies and Interventional Radiology. At social level we are working to stop female feticide and "Save the Girl Child" by asking all the faculties to stay away from providing unauthorized training in Ultrasound. They are also requested to follow the rules and PC & PNDT Act strictly.

Objectives: At the end of the course the student shall be able to .To understand Basics of X-Ray, USG Production, Its utility and Hazards. .Appreciate and diagnose radiological changes in diseases of chest, Abdomen, Skeletal system, Gastrointestinal system, Genito urinary system and CNS

.Learn about various Imaging Techniques like nuclear Medicine, Computerized Tomography (CT),Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),conventional and Digital subtraction angiography (DSA) Explain the Biological Hazards of ionizing radiations and protective measures. Evaluate role of imaging modalities in various therapeutic applications (interventional Radiology)

  • Update Information about recent advances in imaging sciences. Interpret various radiological findings and their consequences Use of basic protective techniques during various Imaging procedures.
  • Advice appropriate Diagnostic procedures to arrive at an appropriate diagnosis. Make use of conventional and other imaging science to achieve definitive diagnosis Demonstrate the skills of scientific and clinical problems and decision making.
  • Values: Our core values are: Integrity, Respect, Patient Care, and Compassion, Service , Innovation.

Organisation / Faculty ( Teaching )

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1 Dr. Rishabh Bilala Asst. Professor
2 Dr. Pankaj Badarakhe Asst. Professor

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